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Whether it's real or faux, fur is big this fall especially the vests. They're great to be paired with jeans for a casual look or a pencil skirt for a more sophisticated look. 
Below are amazing yet affordable choices for every budget
this is a collage of my dream dressing room
Now...all i need is a break from school, and my husband's credit card ;)
What does the word "red" mean to you? 
My school entered a Canadian fashion design competition where all accepted schools across Canada can participate in. It's annual, and the theme this year is "RED" 
They supplied us with the fabric swatches and we're only allowed to use 6 meters of fabric, otherwise, sky is our limit...oh and not to mention .. the winning design finalists have to sew their garments which will then be shown on the runway during Montreal Fashion Week ! 
sticky date pudding cake
My husband was craving sticky date pudding and challenged me to make one just like the one served at Nino's (Italian restaurant in Kuwait). Ofcourse i was up for the challenge..with the right ingredients and the right recipe..i whipped up an amazing, mouth watering, taste of heaven :) 

For the recipe: Click here 
Tiers, Ruffles, and some traje de luces
Spinning off from the Bohemian and Peasant trends in 2011, these Spanish inspired collections of Spring 2012 are colorful, mysterious and oh que bonita! im craving Paella ! 
I personaly wish I was around during the 60s. Mini skirts, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Beatles are just a few of the highlights of that decade. Even though we cannot relive those days, I am extremely glad that a lot of the fashion features are back! 
Inspired by the ever so famous Yves Saint Laurent 1965 Mondrian dress, many designers have adopted the clean lines and color blocking scheme for Spring 2012.