Men in the Middle East have been flaunting the "dishdasha" or "thawb" since their existence. This function-fitting-form philosophy garment was invented to cool "bedouins" down in the intense heat of the Arabian dessert since it's specific silhouette and fabric circulated and cooled down the air allowing the body to maintain a stable safe temperature. 

Nowadays, it is worn as a suit is worn in the western world. Below are some regional "dishdasha/thawb" designers. Interestingly, Missoni (picture below) designed it's unique pattern dishdashas for Kuwait's Missoni Hotel welcoming ushers. 
Having said that, i stumbled upon Rick Owens Spring 2012 collection the other day while getting my monthly dose of GQ handsomeness, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW! see the resemblance? 
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