Maybe Delfina (a fourth generation Fendi) took a recent trip to the Middle East, or maybe it was mere coincidence, either way, i can't help but notice the obvious resemblance between her spring 2012 necklace choker and the Bedouin Al Sadu weaving. 
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Christian Louboutin's new suede embroidered pump of art was inspired by the Kutch embroidery. Forget those chunky chokers, and sequenced clutches, this is all you to embellish! 
Talk about the trickle up theory! 
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Inpired by the 1966 Yves Saint Laurent "Le Smoking" first tuxedo for women, designers have masculinized their Spring 2012 collection by adding tuxedo elements like lapels, vests, tapered trousers and  waist coats. 
Even though women today dont need a "tux" to make them feel empowered, these masculine ensembles are surely liberating and wickedly attractive. 

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The Celine luggage calfskin has been spotted on celebrities and street style fashionistas lately. These square shaped single/dual/or triple tone bags are versatile, functional, and oh so enticing! so no wonder they're so popular. 
As mentioned earlier, the 1960s fashion trends have taken the FALL 2011 runways by storm. We have seen the comebacks of several retro classics and fads like bouffant dresses, cat eye sunglasses, and polka dots. Speaking of polka dots, many designers have incorporated them into their fall 2011 ready to wear collections. So to be stylish this winter, make sure you find your SPOT(s) ! 
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In reference to the subject RED-iculously Exciting below, this is my final design illustration proposal that was sent off yesterday to TELIO (design competition) in Montreal, Canada. As illustrated, the design was inspired by a pouring glass of  red wine that lead to the creation of cowl draping resembling the rippling effect. 
There is something about distressed wood that makes my heart melt as I am captivated by the aging charm and mysterious past.
There are a number of ways the naturally aged look can be achieved on wood but my favorite DIY directions are found here
Tangerine orange coats are popular this fall in different silhouettes and prices. 
So guess what FALL 2011 it color is?? 

YOU GOT IT ! it's deep teal  :) 
Men in the Middle East have been flaunting the "dishdasha" or "thawb" since their existence. This function-fitting-form philosophy garment was invented to cool "bedouins" down in the intense heat of the Arabian dessert since it's specific silhouette and fabric circulated and cooled down the air allowing the body to maintain a stable safe temperature. 

Nowadays, it is worn as a suit is worn in the western world. Below are some regional "dishdasha/thawb" designers. Interestingly, Missoni (picture below) designed it's unique pattern dishdashas for Kuwait's Missoni Hotel welcoming ushers. 
Having said that, i stumbled upon Rick Owens Spring 2012 collection the other day while getting my monthly dose of GQ handsomeness, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW! see the resemblance? 
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This textured wool pencil skirt is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe this fall. it's simple, elegant, and unique. So go from work to perk in this staple skirt !
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